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Located in the heart of  Downtown  Amman

 Fresh linen and towels

Location,location, location

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We're sticklers for ensuring your stay is the best it can be. That's why we've got the highest rating in Booking.com for our hospitality for the past three years in a row. 

We offer budget friendly small group tours all around Jordan, with our money back guarentee you can spend more of your time exploring the country with our selected drivers

We are 20 minutes walking from the Roman theater and around the best restaurants in Amman, like Hashem rest. for Hummos and falafel the best Jordanian street food 

 The Boutique Hotel Amman

This historic down town estate is a favorite for travelers seeking to live a cultural experience in a beautiful and original destination. The Boutique Hotel Amman features a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy an early morning coffee in the reception bar, or join other guests in the parlor for friendly conversation.

Though not the hotel's official website, the details presented here do not aim to provide a feeling of being welcomed in an unusual or artificial environment but rather a genuine one. Boutique Hotel Amman is distinguished by its unique combination of old-world allure and contemporary amenities— a perfect selection for those journeying in search of an authentic cultural immersion experience. Clients always talk about how they feel connected to the place because of the personalized service that does not make them feel alien and out-of-place; such relationships are woven during their stay which feels more like home due to the cozy setup embellished by sophisticated decorations in what seems like a private atmosphere.